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Cleaning the Counter

Standard Cleaning Service In Illinois

Minimalistic Kitchen

Say goodbye to a messy home and hello to a clean and organized living space with our Standard Cleaning Services. With Ooh So Clean Cleaning and Organization Co., we understand how tough it can be to keep up with daily chores. That's why we offer a professional cleaning service to ensure that every corner of your home is spotless. 

Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning services for our clients. We know life can get busy, leaving little time for household chores. That’s why we offer our standard cleaning service, so you can come back to a clean and tidy home. Say goodbye to the stress of cleaning and hello to more free time with loved ones. Schedule a cleaning with us today!

Parents and Daughter
Brand New Kitchen
White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Standard Clean

Clean countertops + table tops
Clean + shine sink
Clean inside + out microwave
Clean cabinet faces + handles

Clean + shine outside of refrigerator
Clean stovetop + oven face + knobs
Clean outside of dishwasher 
Clean interior window + ledge above sink
Wipe all small appliances on counter
Wipe all door handles + light switches
Sweep + mop floors
Remove cobwebs
Dust + wipe all reachable surfaces + light fixtures + baseboards


Bathroom Standard Clean

Clean countertops + shelves + decor
Clean bathtub + shower inside + out
Clean sink inside + out
Clean mirror

Clean toilet inside bowl + outside base
Clean cabinet faces + handles
Wipe all door handles + light switches
Sweep + mop floors
Vacuum rugs
Empty wastebaskets
Remove cobwebs
Dust  all reachable surfaces + light fixtures + baseboards 

Modern Bathroom
Living Room with Marble Coffee Table

Living Room+Dining Room+Hallways+Stairs + Front Entrance Standard Clean


Laundry Room


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